Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ujung Kulon National Park

The Ujungkulon National Park consists of several areas for different attractions. Trekkers can enjoy the village of Taman Jaya's natural sights. Beach and water sports enthusiasts frequent

Peucang and Panaitan islands, its white sand beaches and coral reef shores hold a fascinating world of marine life. While the forest areas of Peucang and Panaitan shelters an abundance of wildlife, some of which graze and play around the lodges.

Contact Information: Jl. Ujung Kulon No 36/155A Bandung

Situ Patenggang

One of the famous resorts in West Java, Situ Patenggang (Situ means "Lake") is located within an hour car ride to the south of the Bandung's city border. The eastern side of the lake sports a cool forest with an average temperature of 10 degrees C and is often hazy the whole day. The north side is bordered by the lush greeneries of tea plantation.

Situ Gunung

Located in the district of Cisaat, 14 kilometers from Sukabumi, Situ Gunung is a natural lake surrounded by damar trees and provides a suitable site for camping.

Siawat-awat at Gunung Gede

Located by the hills of Gunung Gede, the lake lies strategically near a waterfall and a hot water spring. A perfect place for camping.

Peucang Island

The unique and delightful island of Peucang lies in clear blue waters off the north western coastline of the Ujung Kulon Penninsula. its white sand beaches and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world of marine life. It?s a part of Ujungkulon National Park.